Since 2002 The Auction Rooms has handled estates, downsizes, house moves, disposals of collections, rental seizures, liquidations, commercial clearances, small domestic clear outs and the odd good thing found by the roadside. In that time everything imaginable has passed through our doors. From fridges to Featherstone chairs, from skeleton clocks to actual human skeletons (the legal medical student variety) and everything in between. Director Lachlan Marshall and his staff provide an extensive knowledge base with over 60 years of combined experience within the auction industry. This experience is combined with a broad range of trade contacts across Australia ensuring you receive the best possible advice.

We are passionate about re-use. Annually tens of thousands of containers of barely serviceable cheap consumables hit our shores. Why live with poorly manufactured cheap imports with an enormous carbon footprint? You can have an equivalent product, that has already proved it will last a lifetime for the same price or less. Solid timber instead of laminate, style instead of shiny packaging. We'll sell you Makita for the price of Ozito and oak for the price of rubberwood. If you just want a flat pack fix you'll find it already assembled with low-calorie pre used carbon miles to boot!

If you are new to auctions feel free to browse our rooms during viewing hours, or view the online catalogue while you get a feel for the process. Our staff will answer any questions you may have about our systems or stock. If you are new to a field of collecting, or hunting for a new decorator look feel free to pick our brains. We like what we do and we have been doing it for a long time. You'll be amazed at the questions we can answer with a straight face.

If you've seen it in a chic retro boutique the chances are we saw it first. Some time spent watching our fortnightly offerings may give just you the jump on the trade. Spend some time viewing either in person or online and find that perfect piece at the perfect price.*

* Please note your opinion of the "perfect price" may vary from that of your auctioneer. Please see our staff for guidance regarding likely "perfect prices" If your "perfect price" varies from that of your Auctioneer we will endeavour to reach a mutually acceptable result.