The Auction Rooms has a dynamically updating Auction "Ticker" which appears when an Auction has started and shows the progress of the Auction Lots as they are processed by our Auctioneers.

Use it as a guide to what Lot is currently up for auction.  This also aids you in determining the timing of when your lots will be auctioned throughout the sale.

The ticker automatically appears once the auction commences and refreshes automatically every fifteen seconds.  The Auction Catalogue "ticker" box scrolls with you and stays to the center left of the screen, so it is constantly in view even while you are scrolling through the auction catalogue. 

If the ticker does not update itself, you might need to change the way your browser caches, to change this (instructions are for Internet Explorer, however they should be similiar for Safari and Mozilla) CLICK - Tools - Internet Options - General Tab - Browsing History - Settings - CLICK "Everytime I visit the webpage page".

Contact The Auction Rooms if you have any questions or information about the Ticker.