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Who sells at auction?
Our clients have many reasons for needing to sell goods. They include
  • Clearance of deceased estates, or goods unrequired to facilitate a move into supported accommodation or care
  • Downsizing to a smaller home
  • Moving to a more modern home that existing furniture does not suit
  • Redecorating
  • De-cluttering for home sale
  • Liquidating inherited items
  • Disposal of excess goods in matrimonial separation
  • Clearing whole or part collections to raise cash, or make space
  • Clearance of commercial stock that is no longer required
  • Liquidation of goods seized in distraint of rent
Why sell at Auction? There are many advantages to selling your goods by auction:

  • Convenience. After an initial appraisal we can organize complete clearance on your behalf. We will identify and remove all goods that are saleable. Unlike most secondhand dealers we will remove everything that will bring money. We do not focus on one style of furniture, or limit ourselves to antiques. We will clear shed contents, garden furniture, tools, artwork, bric-a-brac, saleable kitchen equipment, in fact anything we can viably transport and sell. Anything left over will be fit for charity donation, or dumping. We have rubbish removalists on call to clean up the rest. If required we can also arrange pre-uplift packing, post removal cleaning etc. We are also in contact with home stylists and maintenance contractors who can present your home for sale if required. We can even put you in contact with efficient, no nonsense real estate agents.

  • Peace of mind. When selling on your behalf it is in our interest to maximize your return. We work on commission based on sale price. The more we realize for you, the more money we make ourselves. Our staff will provide frank and up-front valuation advice. Our job is to find and identify all items of value, present and sell them appropriately. The inherent motivation of someone purchasing from you is to pay you as little as possible to maximize their profit.

In addition, the auction process itself offers sellers many advantages:
Quick process and turnaround: goods are collected and disposed of in a fixed timeframe. In the case of estates or property settlements a fixed endpoint can be set.
Comprehensive marketing. By selling at auction your goods are included within a well marketed sale. It is our business to let people know what we are selling, and thousands of people watch us week in week out looking to buy the goods that you are selling.
Buyers come prepared to buy. People who come to auction come to buy. The tyre kickers can’t compete with our regular trade buyers and end users who have turned up to purchase.
A competitive market. We ensure more than one person will view your goods and have the chance to bid. By lotting your consignment appropriately, we will ensure that there is competition for every lot.
No negotiation. We do the work; the system ensures we get the top bid. You don’t have to haggle, especially if you are unsure of an objects value.
No leftovers. We will remove and sell everything of value. Once it has left your home you never have to see it again.
Atmosphere. By creating a lively and competitive atmosphere we encourage buyers to go that extra yard.

Auctions work well in all economic climates.

How does the system work? First step is to contact our office. Depending on volume of goods and your preferences you may wish to email or MMS images to our valuer to obtain a quick initial estimate. In the case of complete house or unit loads, and larger collections our staff will visit you on site.

In the case of onsite visits we will examine all items available for sale, including shed and cupboard contents if required. Our valuer will identify all goods of value, provide verbal estimates, and advise as to the best and most cost effective transport options available. If you are happy with our advice you can opt to self deliver, or we can arrange transport to our rooms. We will deduct transport cost from your proceeds. Once goods arrive at our rooms they will be sorted by our staff for cataloguing. We will separate and present goods in a manner that we know will maximize their sale price.

What are your charges? We charge a 20% commission (GST inclusive) on all goods sold. There is also an Accounting Fee of $20 per vendor per auction. If we arrange transport on your behalf Cartage Fees will apply as we pay for the transport up front and then deduct it from your sales proceeds. Dumping Fees of minimum $10 per item may apply in the case of unsaleable goods. Our valuer can advise you on whether this is likely to apply to your goods and help you work out how to minimize any dumping costs involved with selling through us.

How can people view my goods at auction? Prior to sale we run a preview gallery of goods upcoming on our website and facebook page, sometimes featuring items that we think will be of particular interest to our buyers. We also run adds on online classified sites alerting potential buyers of upcoming stock. All our auctions are listed in a fully illustrated online catalogue, every lot is photographed. Once the catalogue is complete and available on our website a link is emailed to our mailing list, as well as being available via our website, and on the Interbid online bidding portal.

All auctions are webcast via Interbid. So buyers can view and bid from anywhere in real time. We supply most of South Australia’s second hand and antique dealers, including many regional and interstate clients. Our online bidding system gives them full access to your goods.

What happens if my goods don’t sell at auction? Most goods sell first offering. Our average clearance per auction is in excess of 96% of all lots. If goods do not sell first offering because the auctioneer feels we may do better re offering the lot, then it will be offered for sale again in our next auction. If low value general furnishings do not attract interest, they will be purchased in on the behalf of the Salvation Army. We have a small budget to do this as a memorial fund to one of our customers, funded by his wife. If goods cannot be sold, and are unsuitable for charity use they will be dumped and an appropriate fee charged to cover the cost.  We try to avoid dumping by pointing out any unsaleable goods at the house inspection stage.

Will all my goods be sold in one auction? We try and include all your goods in one auction. Sometimes, depending on our stock levels and time of collection of goods we find that we cannot sort and display all your goods for one sale. Most commonly we will sell all furniture and larger items in the auction immediately following delivery date. Smaller items that require sorting for display may need to be held over for a subsequent auction date. In the case of loads being separated over a number of auctions payment for each auction will be made as per our standard payment schedule. You will receive funds with a statement listing that auctions goods 3 weeks after sale date.

Are my goods combined with other peoples for sale? No, all your items will be grouped only with other items from your consignment. For sale presentation the rooms are organized to allow our auction to flow logically. Most auctions will have multiple vendor’s goods included in the auction. Your items will displayed in a sequence separated by lots belonging to other vendors, but each lot sold will only contain your items, so we can accurately track and present your sale totals.

Do I need to remove unsold items? No. We try to sell everything, or donate it to charity. Absolutely unsaleable items will be dumped. Once it has left your premises it has gone for ever.

How do I check my auction results? Once goods have arrived at our rooms the first contact from our company is usually when you receive your cheque and statement. We will only make phone contact if we need to ask you a question regarding your goods. Payment and your itemized statement will arrive at your address about 21 days after your auction date. Should you have any questions prior to receiving payment, including sale totals enquiries please telephone our office.

How will I get paid for my goods? Our standard method of payment is by company cheque.  A cash cheque is available over the counter at our rooms from the auction day following your sale date (14 days after the auction) A fully itemized account listing all goods, transport costs, fees and charges will be included with your payment.  Uncollected cheques will be posted to your nominated address middle of the following week. Funds received by mail arrive approximately 21 days after auction date. In the case of overseas based vendors, we can arrange direct deposit and emailed vendor reports.