Whether you need a written valuation or a verbal appraisal we're here to help. Our valuer has more than 20 years of experience and has the advantage of also being our head auctioneer – which means he sees his valuation figures backed up by sales prices on a regular basis. The first step in our sales process is to give you, the potential vendor, a realistic appraisal of the value of your goods. In the case of small quantities or single items the simplest way to establish their value is to provide us with images of the goods. You can email us photos at or by MMS to 0412462934 (office hours only). If you require a written valuation for the purpose of estate division, or matrimonial settlement please contact our office at or 08 8340 8700.


We’ve had years of experience clearing deceased estates. We’re used to the phone calls from grieving relatives not knowing where to start when it comes to the daunting task of clearing out the house. Fortunately it’s not a scenario many people are used to, but that does make it even more stressful when it arises. Many people call us feeling uncertain of where to start when dealing with deceased estates or downsizing the family home and helping their elderly parents move into respite care. The key to maximizing your return and minimizing your stress is to contact us early. Our Valuer can arrange a no obligation home visit to advise you of your sales options.

We will identify all objects of value, and give advice regarding saleability of goods. Our valuer can guide you through preparation for removal, and what to discard or donate. We can put you in contact with packaging suppliers. Alternately we can arrange for our staff to sort and pack for you. We coordinate transport through our network of reliable carriers, and rubbish removal if required. In a few minutes we can turn a seemingly impossible task into an achievable and profitable exercise.



  • Don’t worry about the state of the property. Our valuer has seen much worse. Chaos is part of our business. Some of our most exciting finds have been buried under layers of stuff.
  • Get our advice before you get your skip. One man’s trash truly can be another man (or woman’s) treasure.
  • Don’t empty the shed. Rust & cobwebs can be a plus. We have often gleaned more value from shed contents than from formal furniture.
  • Don’t have a garage sale. Once an estate has been ‘picked over’ our capacity to assist you is greatly diminished.
  • Don’t empty the cupboards or donate to charity until we have inspected.
  • Don’t believe everything you hear when your neighbour/painter/electrician tells you about his mate who will give you a ‘good price’ for your old things. Our job is to maximize your return. Anyone buying from you has a desire to pay you as little as possible for as much of value as they can.